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BASICS Feedback v2

Automate your BASICS program and provide better outcomes. Only with BASICS Feedback.


The BAC app is quick and easy to use, and the BAC feedback provides a valuable reality check when you’re out drinking.

Nancy C. Reynolds, MSPH
Program Director, Ithaca College

Built on IMPACT. Designed for BASICS.

IMPACT Survey Engine – Amazing Functionality designed to save you time.
The IMPACT Survey Engine provides functionality and capabilities not found in other platforms. Built with feedback from the nations leading health and wellness directors and survey analysts, the survey platform provides the capability to create any number of scenarios that match your BASICS program needs.

  • Create unlimited surveys
  • Create unlimited survey types
  • Create on the fly pies/charts and other comparative tools.

Feedback Reporting+ gives you unparalled flexibility when it comes to reporting on your data.
Over 6 years of development has resulted in a world class, time tested feedback reporting system called Reporting+.  Easily take data from one survey and compare to another. Combine feedback reports to create unparalled views into how your participants are behaving. The potential is limitless.

  • Create combined feedback reports utilizing different survey data.
  • Reference normative data

Student Portal – Giving Your Students/Participants the Control
Allow your participants a secure and efficient way to view upcoming BASICS classes, survey invitations, BASICS Feedback reports and much more. It’s everything your participant needs in one convenient place.

  • Update contact details easily
  • Register for classes
  • View their calendar
  • Start surveys
  • Contact staff…and much more.

Class Scheduler – Save Time and Automate
With the class scheduler, time can be saved by providing participants an easy way to schedule and view previously scheduled BASICS classes, all from within their web browser. No need for 3rd party accounts.

  • Easily view upcoming classes
  • Schedule classes in the future based upon specific events.

Mobile Integration – IMPACT Wellness Ecosystem
We’ve developed an amazing mobile app toolset that is designed to help your student population make better choices, all from the comfort of their smart phone. A license to BASICS Feedback includes access to BAC Mobile, WEEN and Campus Health Mobile.

What’s so special about our mobile apps?
Besides being developed by industry professionals with feedback from Ithaca College, Cornell, University of Massachuttes – Amerst and Columbia, our apps tie directly into the IMPACT platform.

  • Easily update your campus resources from within IMPACT.
  • Apps are free to download
  • Add your logo, phone numbers, special contact resources, etc…all within a web browser.
  • View total number of mobile app installs with your campus having been selected.

SMS (Short Messaging System).
Did you know that over 90% of text messages are noticed? Compare that to email or other forms of communication and you have a very effective way to get in touch with your participants when you need to.

  • Send SMS messages based on any number of possible scenarios based upon either question answered or length of time.

Video Conferencing – Go One on One with Participants
Connect directly with your participants via video, all from within your web browser.

  • Trigger video conference invites from within the class scheduler