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Used by over 120+ of the nations universities.

The Impact platform is an extremely robust and powerful survey and feedback platform designed by the folks at Blu Sky, the developers that created BASICS Feedback v1.

Designed from the ground up, the platform takes years of survey design and research and integrates it into a single, powerful and scalable platform.

Our suite of survey and mobile apps are designed to provide participants an engaging and informative experience while providing you with the necessary data and feedback reporting metrics required to generate positive outcomes.

BASICS Feedback

Used by over 100+ leading campuses to administer BASICS programs.

Provide better outcomes and streamline your BASICS processes.


Longitudinal studies with amazing feedback reports.

Clinical and non-BASICS application designed to streamline processes and show you data like never before.

BAC Mobile

Provide access to campus specific AOD resources and allow students to measure their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

Free for all students to download and easily customizable.

WEEN Mobile

Measure marijuana intake over time on a mobile friendly app.

Easily record marijuana usage and view campus specific info from within an easy to use mobile friendly app. Free for all students to download and easily customizable.